Cliff Harvey
Little Hot Spring Farm

South Fork Pit River – Talbott Property

The South Fork Pit River Talbott Project was managed for Central Modoc R.C.D. by Cliff Harvey, in cooperation with landowner Curt Talbott and Modoc National Wildlife Refuge. The project treated a previously channelized reach of river by removing relict levees, creating nacient flood plains, and planting thousands of willow cuttings. Water quality, wildlife and fish habitat benefits were primary project objectives at this site managed as part of the USFW’s Partners for Wildlife program. Design by Cliff Harvey with contributions from Salix Applied EarthCare and Modoc National Wildlife Refuge Staff. Funding by SWRCB Prop. 204 and 13 funds, Cantara Trustees, USFW Partners for Wildlife, and landowner in-kind service. Talbott
Central section of project reach before and after treatment. Note the flood plain access obtained after removal of relict levees. >10 yr. flood event did not disturb any of the newly installed design. Talbott

"Cliff secured the financing for and managed two projects on my property. The first was a willow planting program along the banks of the Pit River. The second was a massive project… over a half mile of river bank… Cliff oversaw the contractors’ work on a daily basis… Cliff was always sensitive and responsiove to my concerns. The project has been completed for three years and the results show a nicely protected and vegetated stream bank. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again for help." Landowner Curt Talbott.

Talbott Talbott

Middle section of project reach -- closer view, before treatment (left) and after (right).


Lower end of project reach, viewed downstream from right bank. Eroding vertical banks have been reshaped to provide a small but functional flood plain lined with willow plantings designed to break up linear flows along the banks, thus facilitating deposition of sediment.


Site review in July, 2006 shows good establishment of willow plantings (viewed upstream from left bank). No new erosion or channel instability was observed anywhere in the entire project area.