Cliff Harvey
Little Hot Spring Farm

Pit River Bushey Ranch Project


The Pit River Bushey Ranch project was managed for the Central Modoc R.C.D. by Cliff Harvey in cooperation with the Bushey Family. Six reaches of eroding river banks were treated with varying methods of biotechnical slope stabilization techniques. This range of treatments was developed in order to demonstrate use of biotechnical methods on these types of banks in the Pit River basin. Field review of the site in July, 2006 showed that all treatments were still functioning as expected. Vegetation continues to improve at the site. Subsequent projects have used this project as evidence of the feasibility of biotechnical treatments on the Pit River. Design services were provided by Salix Applied EarthCare and Mountain West Engineering of Redding, California, with additional design details provided by Cliff Harvey. Primary funding by SWRCB Prop. 204 and generous landowner contributions.

Aerial Photo before treatment (PDF, 810 KB)
Aerial Photo after treatment (PDF, 288 KB)